Installations & Configurations Specialist

Listing reference: aforb_000351
Listing status: Online
Apply by: 19 June 2023
Position summary
Industry: Financial Services
Job category: Administration
Location: Sandton
Contract: Permanent
Remuneration: Market Related
EE position: Yes
 To ensure delivery of quality products after reviewing specific tasks to our internal and external clients  Enhance procedures in line with standardisation, impact, and purposeful end to end processing of the value chain
Job description

Key responsibilities

Fund installation and/ or conversion functions (inclusive of pensioner payroll installations and possible conversions) - (conversion from one line of business to another) – may be required to action and/ or perform quality checks.
·       Preparation of necessary take on requirements documents, arranging meeting, facilitating, active participation at meeting, performing summary/minutes of meeting and project plan for distribution.
·        Preparation of fund specific mandates, resolutions and documentation where necessary.
·       Actively sourcing required documentation and information required for the completion of the installation/ conversion. Maintenance of the installation/ conversion checklists and project plan in line with Branch procedures and controls.
·       Analysis of fund rules, policies and procedures.
·       Setup of fund parameters on allocated system platform along with preparation for internal audit.
·       Analysis of data, facilitation of responses by various stakeholders, upload, reconciliation and preparation of internal audit of the various data sets received.
·       Performing replications and/or catch-ups processing relating to contributions, expenses and or investment switches (where applicable).
·       Performing necessary compliance communication to either the FSCA and/or various stakeholders in line with Branch procedures and controls.
·       Preparation for internal and external meetings, active participation in meetings and performing action items from meetings.
·       Presentations to clients regarding status of installations and separately company procedures and controls.
·       Maintaining & managing Fund Allocations, stats, workflows, dashboards and project plan monitoring

Action and/ or perform quality checks Fund Rule changes on a daily basis across lines of business systems within required timelines. This will require the ability to analyze rules and the existing fund structure in order to determine what changes need to be made and how.
Action and/ or perform quality checks Investment Policy changes across lines of business systems within required/ project timelines. This will require the ability to analyze the existing investment structure and mandate in order to determine what changes need to be made, how and within the necessary timelines.
Assist in establishing and maintaining accurate procedures and processes. Performing ongoing process and procedure gap analysis to order gain efficiencies and eliminating E&O Claims
Perform peer review of specific tasks allocated by Manager or Branch Manager, not covered above.
Initiate/ Own and deliver on ad hoc tasks and/ or projects as and when require.

Ensure accuracy of the following Fund administration (where applicable) – job role specific
·       Weekly, Monthly, Annual, Bi-Annual, Quarterly reporting across all admin processes and systems
·       Monthly checks and balances across all admin processes and systems
·       Run monthly batches and resolve any discrepancies
·       Stats consolidation- ascertain service level standards that have not been met. Address any concerns and/ or delays
·       To check and act upon all risk reports (where applicable)
·       Clear Emails and queries in line with service standards
·       From time to time, you may be required to perform other related duties and functions that may be reasonably expected of you given your position and the operational requirements of the Company

Minimum requirements

·       Grade 12 (Matric)
·       NQF 6
·       Post Graduate Management and Commercial Qualification at an NQF level 7 or Higher
·       3 - 5 years’ industry experience
·       Extensive Alex, Khanya, Compass, Bytes system experience at level 8/ supervisor/ 5B

Knowledge required
·       Strong client servicing skills, persuasive techniques and is keen and experienced in client servicing standards
·       Performs duties within own area with direction from line Manager
·       Computer literate (outlook, excel (advanced level), word (basic), Powerpoint (intermediate level), Microsoft teams (intermediate level)
·       Excellent oral & written communication skills
·       Ability to multi-task
·       Ability to review and understand the applicable legislation relevant to function
·       Working knowledge of DC vs DB funds
·       Working knowledge of various types of interest methods and how these impact calculation basis (e.g. daily priced, monthly priced, monthly interest rates, rolling interim, interim final)
·       Working knowledge of hierarchy of allowable 37D deductions
·       Working knowledge of employee benefit administration processes
·       Knowledge of different retirement funds
·       Excellent Presentation skills and ability to chair meetings with internal and external stakeholders
·        Ability to work with large and complex data sets and identify problems/ complete reasonability checks
·       Innovative thinking and delivery
·       Excellent project management skills
·       Must be able follow and to solve problems or make decisions making reference to Manuals, Company policies and procedures, external/ internal resources, Legislature and general practices within statutory Funds.
·       Must be able to analyse Retirement Fund Rules/ Rule Amendments and Policy/ Mandate documents in order to apply relevant sections to the accurate set up of Fund parameters on the line of business system and determine that the outputs are correct